Labour Strike at Bafokeng Administration

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Writes Nagolo

We had a strike at Royal Bafokeng Administration over wage negotiation disagreements on the 2nd to the 3rd of March 2010.



In our engagements with RBA, the management team was led by a consultant called Mr. Moumakwe throughout but was kicked out at the CCMA by the Commissioner knowing his background and the alleged fraud and corruption he committed while working for CCMA previously. At the negotiations, SAMWU demanded 17% increase whilst RBA offered 6% across the board. 2nd mandate from workers was 13%, for employees in Grade A to Grade C. and 6% for Grade D upwards, but RBA moved to 6.5% across the board. 3rd SAMWU workers mandate came up with 11% for workers in terms of the Grade A to C and Grade D upwards 6.5%. RBA offered 9% for employees on Grade A to C and 7% for Grade D upwards.



While still in negotiations, RBA management asked for caucus break, on their return they said their principal mandate is 8% across the board and they can never offer more than that. That is when we reached the deadlock and sought CCMA’s intervention. At the CCMA RBA didn’t want to move on their stand point, as a result we were granted certificate to go on strike. The strike took two days whereby RBA called us to renegotiate and the outcome was that we settled for 8%, that they will allow employees to join SAMWU medical aid scheme, salary increase will be revisited based on the performance of the economy by June 2010 also housing allowance will be looked into by June 2010, RBA will not retrench in the next 12 months, employees with low salaries will be assisted, intimidation and victimization of SAMWU members by managers will stop.

3 thoughts on “Labour Strike at Bafokeng Administration

    Anonymous said:
    05/05/2010 at 10:50 am

    Much noise about nothing! No more than 16 employees attended the strike action at any given time. The RBA initially offered an 8% increment to all its employees … the other so called “outcomes” are no victory what so ever – it is simply administrative actions that are to be done. Please tell us what did the strike action accomplished … except for many employees who resigned during the said action from SAMWU. I see no victories for the RBA employees achieved in this strike action! Please enlighten me!


    Concerned Oppressed South African said:
    13/04/2011 at 12:25 pm

    Bitter pill from a fat cat. That's typical of people who pillage resources of Bafokeng and forgetting poor workers who have toiled for many years working for Bafokeng administration and their take home is still R3600,00. Wake Doc


    Anonymous said:
    28/04/2011 at 11:48 am

    By all honesty, industrial action in Royal Bafokeng shouldn't have taken place because we assume there are competent level headed men and women who would see to it that all workers get remunerated better salaries, because there are media reports all over the globe which state Bafokeng as the Richest tribe in Africa. It's mind-boggling to hear that there are huge salary gaps among workers. It is really sad that there are people (Executive managers) who manipulate the Bafokeng people's institutions for personal monetary gains, whereas the community still experiences poverty and major unemployment rate among the youth. Glamour appears only where visitors pass but terrible dirt roads and lack of basic infrastructure is common deep in villages. Salary should at least equal the service given to the tribe of Bafokeng.More public participation is required so that people who do not meet requirements of the Bafokeng community, the community should have power to kick him out of their village.We need transparency so that community knows salaries of employees and their key performance areas and indicators. transparency and accountability will root out corruption be-develling managers


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