Chaneng Community says Title Deed First!

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On the 23rd January 2010, Chaneng community, which is a stone throw away from the world renowned Sun City Hotel, endorsed their intention to challenge the Mafikeng High Court application by the Bafokeng Royal Nation to have the community’s land, Styldrift 90JQ transferred in the name of the Royal Bafokeng Nation.

The community adopted the motto ‘TITLE DEED FIRST, NEGOTIATIONS AFTER! This was taken ‘to stop individuals to run to the Bafokeng and the mines to negotiate for themselves, selling-out the community by using the land claim to threaten the mines and the Bafokeng to enrich themselves’, warned March Motene, the community leader who has been in the forefront of the claim. March was confirmed by the community to be the organiser and coordinator of the land claim. She liaises the community claim with the other land claimants through the Bafokeng Land Buyers Association. She also facilitates communication with the community lawyers and the dissemination of information on the status and process of the claim.

The youth of Chaneng informed the community that it intended marching to the Styldrift project ( a mining project between the Bafokeng Royal Nation and Anglo Platinum) to demonstrate their dissatisfaction with what they described as false promises made by the Bafokeng to the community. ‘They are taking the community for granted’, exclaimed Joseph Mogobe, the community youth leader.

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