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On the 26th August 2010, Bafokeng Land Buyers Association and various other communities forming the Bafokeng ‘tribe’, will once again square up against the Royal Bafokeng Nation at the Mafikeng High Court.
The Mafikeng High Court ordered on the 10th December 2009, that various communities intending to oppose the Royal Bafokeng Nation’s application for transference and registration of some 61 farms in the RBN’s name, lodge their interest on the matter by the 26th February 2010.
A number of communities/families from villages forming the Bafokeng ‘tribe’ have since shown an interest to oppose the RBN’s application. The Bafokeng chief has also  instructed his lawyers to allow anyone wishing to oppose, to lodge their answering affidavits with the Court by October 2010. The Bafokeng’s affidavit is over 3000 pages long. It will be contested that the opposing communities will not be able to answer the 3000 pages by October 2010, and that they (the communities) be afforded enough/reasonable time to prepare their answering affidavits.
Transport will leave at Game parking in town at 6:30am. Anyone interested in travelling to the Court on the day may contact Michael Nape on 073 1988 634  

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