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Bafokeng Land Buyers Association, will hold a general meeting on the 15th August 2010, 10am, at Thethe High School. The meeting will look at, amongst other things, the adoption of the Constitution.
Anyone interested in claiming and exerting various rights (eg. land, environmental, economic, human rights, etc.) related to the land claims against the Royal Bafokeng Nation is welcome to participate.
The Land Buyers Association is primarily made up of the descendants of the original buyers of the land that forms the Bafokeng Tribal area. Included also are the residents who by custom have been accepted to be part of the communities/makgotla that form the Bafokeng tribe. The Association does not exclude membership of people who have no direct interest in the land claims, but who lives among and outside the Bafokeng, and are incensed by the irresponsible manner in which the Bafokeng administration and the chief run the ‘tribal’ affairs, to the detriment of the poor people, and in violation of the Constitution. An example would be people who are not Bafokeng, but who are concerned by the endorsement by the Bafokeng ‘tribal’ Authority to environmental damages perpetuated by the local mining companies (Impala Platinum, Anglo Platinum, Xstrata and Lonmin) operating in the poor rural villages that forms the Bafokeng ‘tribe’. 

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