Chaneng’s Styldrift Project/ Royal Bafokeng Platinum lie exposed

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The last paragraph at 6.1 (page 32) of the Styldrift Project’s Environmental Management Programme Report states that the Royal Bafokeng Platinum-owned Styldrift Project in Chaneng village will not alter the community’s cultural identity.
We have seen, contrary to the Report, violent protest by the community, alleging that contractors employed by the mine are bussing in migrant labour during the night into the village. The new migrant labour is paid ‘sleepout’ housing allowance by the mines which they (mine employees) use to rent backyard dwellings in the nearby village, the Chaneng village. As recorded in Bleskop, Thekwana and Luka villages, it is expected that the migrant mine employees will within five years outgrow the host village population.

‘The mine itself is not providing any additional utilities to the area. The mine is shying away from improving and developing the local health infrastracture, schools and security systems. The village will soon experience water,sanitation and waste management problems with the increased population. Soon Chaneng will be no different from Diepsloot and Alexandra’,  warned Chris Senne, the Chaneng community activist.

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