Royal Bafokeng Family’s clandestine research on the Mafikeng High Court land case 999/08

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Two academics commissioned by the ‘Royal Bafokeng Nation’  (RBN) had been hard at work during the months August-September 2011, collecting information from the elderly in the Bafokeng villages about their land claims. The unsuspecting elderly were asked questions that sought to contradict their communities’ Opposing affidavits lodged against the Royal Bafokeng Family in the ongoing Mafikeng High Court Case 999/08.
Mr Nkoto Rapoo, an elderly highly knowledgeable of the history of Mogono Village, has for instance been summoned to Legato (Bafokeng chief’s residence) to appear before the unscrupulous panel made of two lawyers and the two academics. He was asked if he knew of the farms claimed by the Mogono community that included the Hartbeestpruit 88JQ and Klein Doornspruit 108JQ. In their affidavit Mogono Community asserts that should a proper investigation be ordered about the 19th century  land purchases by indigenous communities around  Rustenburg, it would be revealed that baNtsatsi  were the first group to purchase land from the boers and that they had a hand in the purchase of two additional farms Elandsheuwil (Kgapaatswai) and Goedgedacht (Kgale).

Other elders from Chaneng and Tsitsing villages were similarly summoned.

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