BenchMarks Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility

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The Bafokeng Land Buyers Association attended the launch of the BenchMarks Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility on the 23 January 2012 held at the Elgron Hotel, Potchefstroom. The Centre is a partnership between the North West University (Potchefstroom), Benchmarks Foundation, and the Swedish government.
The University emphasised the need for eductional institutions to play an active role as a transformation agents and for the university to be more involved in social issues, working with communities and assisting them to overcome burdens imposed by socio economic conditions.
Through the Centre, the University will offer certificates, diplomas on Corporate Social Responsibility. There is currently a Phd student enrolled on the subject.
Bench Marks Foundation has previously released damning reports on terrible corporate practices by mines operating in Rustenburg, and how the mines collude with the tribal authorities to trample on people and earth rights. In his keynote adress Bishop Jo Seoka described how the mines paints glossy pictures on their corporate reports, with misleading, assymetrical information on their social investment programmes. The Rustenburg Monitors, a group of students and researchers also presented a report on how their areas in Rustenburg are affected by the mines.
The Swedish Ambassador, the University Rector, The Dean of the Faculty of Arts, the former rector retired Prof Tjaart, Dean of Theology, Professor Duvenage, John Capel, David van Wyk, Eric Mokuoa, Phistus Mekgwe, March Motene and many other distinguished dignataries were in attendance.
More information can be obtained from our office at Office No 7, 49 Steen Street (next to Bradlows), Rustenburg. Otherwise one can visit the BenchMarks Foundation at and or the University at

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