Simmering troubles as professionals desert the Royal Bafokeng Family

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Niall Carroll resigned today the 27/03/2012 as CEO of Royal Bafokeng Holdings. Reports shows that he has, since his appointment in 2006 been able to amass over R30billion into the coffers of RBH. It is not reported though how much money has been squandered or unaccounted for under his stewardship.

Its puzzling to many Bafokeng to see this mass exodus of high profiled people at the so called Royal Bafokeng Nation. Earlier this year it was reported that Thabo resigned as Head of Treasury to pursue private interests. It was rumoured before that Boitshoko, the late Eugine, Eric, to name just a few highly qualified, young Bafokeng citizens had relationship problems with the chief. Dr Dilotsotlhe and Nagolo ran amok about the racist treatment meted out to RBN staff of African descent at both the Royal Bafokeng Institute and the Royal Bafokeng Administration. There are countless professionals and ex-RBA employees who feels ridiculed, humiliated, marginalized and abused under the Bafokeng chief’s watch. Mpho, who led a successful 2010 Fifa World Cup campaign as Head of the Local Organizing Committee was relegated to embarrassing junior positions within the Royal Bafokeng institutions. Many young graduates’ dreams are shattered when, anxious and eager to start their working lives, ploughing back to their communities within the Bafokeng, are sent underground to sweep ‘stof’ or to be tool helpers in the local mines. This despite the much talked about Bafokeng debt trap, the bursary scheme turned into an unregulated/unregistered loan scheme.

With the exodus of the two financial gurus at the Bafokeng, there sure is a daunting vacuum and a serious crisis in the Royal Bafokeng Family worth noting… and investigating.

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