Kgale Village in Bafokeng rejects prepaid water meter system

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‘Ba ithare re difofu. Baagi ba Luka ke kgale ba bua gore bona gaba kitla ba duela metsi ka gore meepo e kgotletse metsi a bona mme meepo ebile ya dumela gore e tla ba fa metsi mahala. O Semane ga a batle meepo e re duelela metsi’. ‘Chelete entsi ya Bafokeng yona e dira eng? Ge madi a prepaid a fela, metsi a itswalla. A batho batla nna ba sena metsi? Ga aile go dirisa Kgale jaaka di-example or di-guinea pigs go tsenya di-prepaid meter tsa gagwe, tse le gona re sa itseng gore tendara ya teng e tswile jang. E filwe mang?’- correspondents.

One thought on “Kgale Village in Bafokeng rejects prepaid water meter system

    Anonymous said:
    09/05/2012 at 5:42 pm

    Ga ke tlhaloganye gore how can a basic service like water not be given to the villagers for free. How about we focus more on creating employment then we can start talking about prepaids. Nna ko ke nnang teng ko Masosobane I only know of few people who work and few who are interested in education. What is being done to push our people to the right direction? You cannot, as a leader sit back and say;”If they don't do it I will not force them”. That puts you in a failing streak. Ke a kopa asseblief, create initiatives that will lure and encourage the youth of Bafokeng to educate themselves in every way and see how our community will grow into a better and socially developed one and of course focusing on infrastructure as well.


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