The Farlam Commission hearings on Lonmin’s Marikana Massacre

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The Farlam Commission on the Lonmin’s Marikana Massacre will start  work tommorrow Monday 01/10/2012 by conducting an inspection on loco at the shooting site at Marikana. The Commission will then move to its offices at the Rustenburg Civic Centre to compile more information and evidence. The Commission has released a media statement calling for anyone with information to approach the Commission at their offices.

The Bafokeng Land Buyers’ Association wishes to make this call to the peace loving citizens of Rustenburg, to join the Association and other civil society organisations in calling for a broader, more inclusive diagnosis of ‘Marikana’.  The Association believes that Marikana may have started at Luka or Chaneng or Bapong or Motlhabe or Ledig or even in Limpopo. The brutal security apparatus comprising the well armed mine security companies, the State and tribal Police have been covertly deployed around mine-hosting communities to suppress dissent and demonstrations against the mines and the puppet chiefs. All this to safeguard the mines’ and foreign investors’ interests at the expense of the mine-hosting communities, the workers, human rights and the (natural) environment. Marikana is only but a symptom!

Citizens are invited to add their voices and submit their opinions directly to the Commission or jointly with the Association and other progressive voices at the Rustenburg Civic Centre on Tuesday 8:30am.

Community members from Kanana village, Boitekong, Paardekraal and Tlhabane townships wishing to add their voices with the Association must contact the Secretary below between 5pm-7pm tommorrow 01/10/2012.

Statement released by:

Thusi Rapoo
Secretary: Bafokeng Land Buyers’ Association
073 443 5699

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