BLBA adresses Lefaragatlhe and Thekwana communities on Bafokeng land and governance issues

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On the 15th September 2013, the Bafokeng Land Buyers’ Association (BLBA) was invited as a guest by the Kgotla ya Raphafana at Lefaragatlhe village to come and inform, advice and update the community on land related claims, including the feudal Bafokeng traditional system of governance.

Despite its late arrival at the well attended meeting, BLBA was able to give a broad account of its activities and purpose. The community, led by its proclaimed chief Ernest Setuke, reiterated its firm conviction to their land claim; to approach the NW Premier for the recognition of Setuke as its traditional leader; and to secede from the feudal Bafokeng chiefdom.

Whilst taking questions from the community, the BLBA was interrupted and warmly surprised by the Cope entourage led by its President Terror Lekota.

After clarifying a few questions from the community, the BLBA delegation left for Thekwana village where they found the community busy submitting family trees needed for their land claim.

The Thekwana community lodged a land claim in June 2012 with the Land Claims Court to have their land and farm-title registered in the community name. The community is resentful of the Bafokeng chiefdom and claim to be ‘enough’ with ‘him’ (Bafokeng ‘chief’). The communities’ land claim is a catalyst for cessation by a number of Bafokeng communities claiming historical independence from the Bafokeng.

BLBA further supports the Tsitsing and Tantanana communities in their quest for secession from the oppressive ‘Royal Bafokeng Nation’ (RBN). BLBA advices the communities to approach the credible Legal Resources Centre for advice and or legal representation. Its important also that the communities elect progressive leadership with the ability and powers to facilitate litigation proceedings.

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