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Traditional Council Elections are statutory prescriptions regulated by legislation and conducted by accredited institutions.

Today’s RBN aborted elections were never published in the provincial gazette as required. The North West Provincial Department of Culture, Arts & Traditional Affairs, under whose competency and watch the election of Traditional Councils in the Province is entrusted, was probably unaware, or less interested.

It is indeed mind-boggling that RBN has never had duly conducted Traditional Council Elections since time immemorial.

Today’s aborted elections most probably cost poor Bafokeng citizens a couple of millions, money that could have been used towards upgrading dilapidated schools in the area.

Some company was appointed through the RBN tender system to conduct elections. How much was spent on the voting publication; voter registration; voter education; voting station preparation; voting monitors; ballot printing; security; can only be anyone’s guess.

Its unfortunate that Bafokeng Bantustan is somehow immune from Public Finance checks and balances. There is rampant wastage of public funds, usually followed by retrenchments and claims that the ‘tribe’ has no money.

This coming Thursday 29 June, there will be another unnecessary and wasteful case at the North West High Court endorsed by the Bafokeng chief in which the RBN seeks ownership and control of some platinum rich communal land already claimed by communities.

Should the Public Protector institute a Commission of Inquiry to investigate mismanagement of public funds, or will that be just another wasteful exercise?

See interesting Provincial tender:

Bid Number: RFP-CATA002/2017
Bid Description: Request for Proposal for the Appointment of a Service Provider with Electoral Expertise to Manage the Reconstitution of Traditional Councils
Name of Institution: Department of Culture, Arts & Traditional Affairs
Place where goods, works or services are required: North West Province
Date Published: 14/06/2017
Closing Date 30/06/2017 Time: 11H00
Contact Person: Nobandile Madwanya
Email: nmadwanya@nwpg.gov.za
Telephone number: 018 388 3753
FAX Number: 086 263 4489

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