Long live the patriotic loving spirit of Adv Cornelius Rudolph Jansen

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Writes Thusi Rapoo


The first time I met Advocate Rudolph Jansen was in a meeting with the Department of Land Reform and Rural Development to consider a settlement agreement about the Klipfontein 300JQ (Bleskop) land claim back in 2008. Present in the meeting was the late Durkje Guilfillen, Louise du Plessis, Rudolph and a few community representatives.

Adv Jansen had just made a very impressive intervention with the Richtersveld Community representatives, demanding ring-fenced opportunities for the community in the local mines operating in the community’s land. The elders and land claimant had just settled with Government for the restoration of the land without consideration of participation in the local mining industry..

We were very very excited to have made the acquaintance of Rudolph at the meeting. We knew then that we were in good hands.

Klipfontein 300JQ, a farm bought and occupied by the Photsaneng community was forcefully incorporated into the Bafokeng chieftaincy in  around 1907.

Many native Tswana communities who had settled in the Rustenburg area prior to the arrival of the Boer Voortrekkers, were so later forced to subscribe to the Boer imposed  Bafokeng chieftaincy, under the then leadership of a certain ‘chief’ Mokgatle.

Rudolph understood and so much wanted to correct the distortion around the Bafokeng land ownership and  disputes.

He was very much aware that the Bafokeng ‘tribe’ was the convenient creation of the then British Dutch colonial apartheid regimes.

He was against abuse of power, maladministration  and false misrepresentation by the colonial apartheid despot, the Bafokeng chief.

He understood that the Bafokeng chief, in the 21st Century, was no different from Mobutu sese Seko, just another captured African chief willing to sell out his ‘tribe’ to his captors.

Long live the patriotic loving spirit of Adv Rudolph Jansen.


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